Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of the Dallas Symphony.

Gifts made to the DSO’s permanent endowment fund ensure music-making at the highest level now and for future generations. Managed by the Dallas Symphony Foundation, an annual distribution from the fund provides support for musicians, concerts and programs in schools and the community. We invite you to explore the different ways in which you can leave a lasting legacy.

Endowment Giving

patrons at the dso

Endowment gifts provide the Orchestra a firm financial foundation for the future. Through investments managed by the Dallas Symphony Foundation, your contribution to the endowment provides the DSO with a gift that lasts forever and grows over time. Your gift can be directed to a specific purpose or program, or can be given as an unrestricted gift.

For information on making an endowed gift, please contact Toni Miller, CAP®, Managing Director of Development, at 214.871.4078 or t.miller@dalsym.com.

patrons at the dso

Planned Giving

ross and margot perot

Planned gifts to the DSO allow the donor to make a commitment during their lifetime to support the orchestra in a meaningful way when they can enjoy the benefits of this future investment.

View full list of Hans Kreissig Legacy Society members

Plan my gift
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Tribute Gifts

family at a DSO concert

Your gift will be directed to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s endowment fund, which will ensure that these gifts provide great orchestral music for the next generation of Dallasites.

When a tribute gift is made:

  • Acknowledgment of the gift is sent to the donor
  • Notification of a gift received (with any special message), along with the donor’s name, is sent to the person or persons being honored or memorialized
  • Those being honored or memorialized are respectfully recognized on a rotating basis in the DSO’s program book.
Make your tribute gift
family at a DSO concert

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra wishes to acknowledge those who have been honored or remembered through a Tribute Gift. Contributions may be any amount and are placed in the Orchestra’s Endowment Fund, which will help provide inspiring musical experiences for generations to come. For more information, please call Toni Miller, CAP®, Managing Director of Development at 214.871.4078.

In Honor Of

Dr. Joan Ablon
Stacy Angel Family
Joe and Rachel Assi
Stuart and Bryan Barzune
Chandra, James, and Stella
Gail Berry and Diane Merrell
David Cooper
Roberta Corbett
Mrs. Ralph T. Dosher, Jr.
Kevin Finamore
Roger Gault
Dr. and Mrs. Quin Gerard Family
Katherine Glaze Family
Ronnie Gold and Marilyn Gold
Julian Carlos and Danielle Gomez
Dr. and Mrs. Julian Gomez, III
Dr. and Mrs. James Goodman
Laura Gordon and Mary Bloom
Jennifer Grosskopf Family
Roey and Lisa Hershkowitz
Emet and Lyla
Kay Walo
Matt Jansha

Faye Jennings and Dr. Lupita De La Colina
Yon Y. Jorden
The Honorable Janet and Terry Kafka
Debbie and Neil Keon
Sam and Rosie
Margo and Jim Keyes
Hugh D. King
Hannah Kuipers
Sarita Kuruvilla and Johannes Tausch
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lagatta
Sophia and Emma
Gary Levinson
Drs. Benjamin and Quyen Loeb
Anna Sophia, Lulu and Taco
Dr. and Mrs. Pete Loeb
Philip and Jodi Loeb
Theo, Maple and Ace
Dian Mallouf
Sue McAdams
Dr. and Mrs. Mike McCullough

Curtis Medford and Harold Yates
Ann and Bill Miller, Jennifer
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
Margaret M. Moore
Eric and Paige Nerenberg
Zachary, Kelsey, Julie and Jesse
Kim Noltemy
Mr. Jim Peugh
Carol Rawitscher and Alan May
Dede Redfearn
Clay and Lindsay Robbins
Ainsley Rose and Henry
Mr. and Mrs. John Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sands
Norman Silverman
Sadie Smythe
Kari Spence and Scott Kruka
Norma and Don Stone
Venise and Larry Stuart
Becky and Brad Todd
Geoffroy van Raemdonck
Mr. and Mrs. James Woodcock

In Memory Of

Glenn C. Anderson
Sandi Bailey
Frances Blatt
Jim Borden
Emanuel Borok
Mary Nell Broughton
Larry Burk
Patricia Copps
Robert E. Courtin, Jr.
Marion Davies
Helen De Vault Nelson
Coy Jean Delafield
John Dobbin
Martha Ellsberry

Sarah A. Friesenhahn
Scott K. Gordon
Lynn Harrell
Jeff Heller
David Hott
Mary Belle Judd
Richard Knight Jr.
Richard A. Lempert
John L. Maus
Francille McCarthy
Nancy McThompson
Stewart Mercer
Chuck Moore
Virginia Payne

Regina and Morris Roth
Susan Ruhter
William C. Sandlin
Betty Sitton
Mr. Jan Mark Sloman
George Slover
Citlalli Smith
Ron Snider
Paula Stephens
Gloria “Dodie” Stroud
Stanley Sutkin
Mrs. Vikki Treadway
Hobson Wildenthal
Herschel Wilonsky

Remembered in Perpetuity

Jenny and Walter L. Abbey
Arnold N. Ablon
Frank D. Adams
Rena Munger Aldredge
Eddie Alexander
Robert N. Alexander
Martin Anastasi
William C. Andrews
Ryan Anthony
Raymond Clayton Arhelger
Mary Kay Ash
John R. Baer
Mrs. Nancy C. Barrett
Anne Pomarantz Barzune
Benjamin Barzune, M.D.
Dolores G. and Lawrence S. Barzune, M.D.
Robert T. Bate
Dr. Philip D. Baumann
H. Nelson Bean
Evelyn Berg
Billy Gene Biggs
Steve Black
Jon David Blatt
Bill and Jean Booziotis
Pepecha Z. Booziotis
Mrs. Faye Boyer
Zelman Brounoff
Dr. David and Margie Buell
Jack Bumpas
Morton D. Cahn, Jr.
Mr. Byron  W. Cain
Roberta Coke Camp
Mrs. William Plack Carr, Sr.
Frances B. Chantilis
Helen V. Clynes
Dr. Kendall Pinney Cochran
Thomas R. Corbett
David R. Davidson
Mrs. Percy Davis
James C. Deal
Jean Deason
Virginia DeGolyer Maxson
Peter J. Denker
Alice DeSanders
Jillian Dickey
Lucile Dragert
Charles G. Dutton
E. Robert Ertel
Ernest R. and Mary Reid Esch
Jane Etheridge
Catherine Fikes
Marion Flagg
Mary L. and Cordell L. Garner
Mary Shelton Florence
Mr. Arkady Fomin
Laura Dean Ford
Dales and Janet Foster
Jerome J. Frank, Sr.
Capt. Matthew Charles Hays Freeman
Richard A. Freling
Eugene P. Frenkel, M.D.

Don and Betty Fritz
Wyoma Lee Fussell
Richard Galland
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Garlichs
Phyllis S. Gifford
Alfred Gilman
Robert E. Glaze
Jessie D. and E. B. Godsey
Charles Goldstein
Maria Lola and Julian Gomez, Jr.
Ida Green
Jack Greenberg
Esther and Murray G. Gurentz
Lloyd H. Haldeman
Ms. Erin Hannigan
Mack and Marjorie Harrell
Mary Harris
Gertrude H. Helmle
Sherman Nathen Hinson
Jonathan H. Hochstatter
Ellyn Hoff
Miss M. Josephine Holley
Haley Hoops
Robert D. (Bob) Hopkins
Lucy L. Houston
Ronald W. Hudson
Diane Kendall King Hughes
John Jordan Irvin
Hector Izquierdo
Ms. Louise Jacoby
Richard Jaffre
Dimple Clayton Jansha
Mr. William Jolesch
Mr. Harvey Jones
J. Erik Jonsson
Fannie Kahn
Louise Kahn
Louise Kent Kane and Dr. Gusta B. Nance
Dr. Helen Redman Klop
Robert I. Lansburgh
Joyce Leslie Lebovitz
Jimmy and Kanell Lontos
Jimmy Tom Lontos
Sylvia Cuellar Luedtke
Richard Allan Lundahl
Jane Magee
Stanley Marcus
Adah Yale Marr
Morton H. Marr
Thomas W. Massey
Maestro Eduardo Mata
Gaston C. Maurin
Mrs. Shelby McDaniel
Mrs. Eugene McDermott
Mildred “Mimi” McShane
Kenneth D. Mead
Bernice Meyerson
Carol Golden Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Miller, Jr.
Vance C. Miller
Mack G. “Miss Mack” Moore
Mr. Harry S. Morchower

Helen Morgan
Raymond D. Nasher
Dr. Charles Nelson
Adolpho Odnoposoff
Mrs. Frank Pearcy
Eleanor Ford Penrose
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Penson
Ross Perot, Sr.
Evan O. Plumly
Helen Poe
Hortense and Lawrence Pollock
Lily Pons
David Pope
Masha Porte
Barbara Rabin
Eugene “Gene” Raboy
Franklin A. Rainey
Mr. Paul Riedo
Alice Roberts
Mr. Edgar A. Robinson
John Rogers, Jr.
Mary A. Romanchuk
Michael L. Rosenberg
John Rosenfield
Robert L. Rothstein
Joseph Sanders
Carmen R. Schneidler
Dr. Joseph G. Schneidler
George Schrader
Eric G. Schroeder
William H. Seay
Elsa von Seggern
Dwight Shambley
Mrs. Lynn M. Flint Shaw
George Shelburne
Gertrude Shelburne
Ella Raab Singer
Zelda Ann Kreissig Smeaton
Howard and Geraldine Sobel
Bill Stamps
Beatrice Stone
Sidney S. Stone
Annette G. Strauss
David A. Stretch
Mr. Layden Stroud
Francine Sullivan
Mrs. W. A. Suter
Joseph Tallal
Nancy Brooks Titus
Margaret Tyson
Daniel Vaiser
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Van Katwijk
Keith Verges
Steve Voelker
Irene H. Wadel
Dorothy M. Walsh
Dr. Robert W. Webb
Jane Burress White
Harry W. Wilcott
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Winspear
Hazel Young

Hans Kreissig Legacy Society

Named for the founder and first conductor of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Hans Kreissig Legacy Society recognizes and honors donors whose estate plans or wills include gifts designated to the Orchestra. These funds help support the high-quality music, education and community programs for future generations. For more information about how to include the DSO in your will or estate plans, please contact Toni Miller, CAP®, Managing Director of Development, at 214-871-4078 or t.miller@dalsym.com.

Anonymous (24)
Mr. John Luther Adams
Nicholas Adamson
Nancy Johnson Anderson
Richard G. Andrew and Diane E.
Steve and Cindy Aughinbaugh
Sherri Baer
Richard L. Barrett
Dolores and Lawrence Barzune,
*G. Ward and Diana Beaudry
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Best II
Frances and *J.D. Blatt
Lida Light and Frank Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Brierley
Nick Alexander Brounoff
Todd Burton
Nan-Elizabeth Byorum
Jana Etheridge and David Carles
Holly Church
Bev and *Martin V. Coben
Dr. Mona Cochran
Gail Williamson Cope
Michael E. Cope
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Corbett
Betty Taylor Cox
Patti Craig
Dodee Frost Crockett
Christopher, Marion and Paul
Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Daniel
Anne L. Davidson
Julie Disseler
James E. Elbaor, MD
Eileen and Earl Eliason
Paul Firey
Eric Foster
Katherine Freiberger
Marena and Roger Gault
*Ronald and Geraldine Gawle
Lee Gibson

Rita Sue and Alan Gold
Gould Family Fund
Fanchon and Howard Hallam
Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Hancock
Sydney Reid and Joel Hedge
Maisie L. Heiken
Kim and Greg Hext
Mrs. Lynn Trimble Hill
B. Paul Hirsch
Elissa Sabel and Stan Hirschman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Huber
Matt C. Jansha
Dawn D. Jantsch
Yon Y. Jorden
Kyle F. Kerr
Rudolph C. Koch III and Martha A.
Cece and Ford Lacy
Mrs. Helen Lansburgh
Leslie W. Lenser
Debra and Steve Leven
Carol J. Levy
*Theodore C. Linder and V.J.
Lisa and George Longino
Joy and Ronald Mankoff
The Marcella Fund
*Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marcus
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas May, Jr.
Holly and Tom Mayer
Michael and Jo Anne McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. P. Mike McCullough
Linda B. and John S. McFarland
Mrs. Marianne Mead
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Meitz
Michelle Mew
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Mitchell
Dr. Barbara Morchower
Mr. David Moskowitz
Courtney and Andrew Nall
Nancy and Jack Oliver
Miss Laurel Ornish

Connie and John Pearcy
Kathy and Jim Penny
*Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Ponder
Dr. Alice Cushman and *Ronald
Louise Quigley
Stan and *Barbara Rabin
Cindy and Howard Rachofsky
W. Paul Radman, D.D.S. and *Judith Sinclair Radman
Miss Jan Roberts
Dr. Susan Roos
*Bob and Marion Rothstein
*Lee and Bill Schilling
Myrna and Bob Schlegel
Norma and *Henry Schlinger
John R. Sewell
*Mr. and Mrs. George A. Shutt
Dr. B. Lynwood Simpson
Dr. James E. Skibo
Mr. John Solana
Richard and Alice Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Stone
Dr. Laurie Sutor
John Dee Swope
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Sypult
Mr. Jack Terrillion
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bradford Todd
Barbara Jean Townsend
Howard W. Townsend
Jane Vandecar
Mrs. Daniel W. Varel
Mrs. Fen Vesecky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Watkins III
Gerardo and Helga Weinstein
Martha McCarty Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. White
Elaine M. Wiant
Dr. and Mrs. Kern Wildenthal
Douglas and Donna Wolfe


We are especially grateful for those who when they passed, left gifts from their estates or other financial plans. These generous donations have helped to build the permanent endowment and to secure the Orchestra’s future.

Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Alexander
Anne and Glenn Anderson
Mrs. Margot R. Andre
Mr. Robert I. Atha, Jr.
Dr. Philip D. Baumann
Shirley L. Beren
Arlene K. Booth
Mrs. Sally A. Burchfield
Morton D. Cahn, Jr.
Roberta Coke Camp
Verna Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Cooper
David M. Crowley
John Peyton Dewey
Mr. Malcolm S. Disimone
Lucile Dragert
Alicia Viola Winters Eidson
Jane Etheridge
Alta Ewalt Evans
Jeanne and Sanford Fagadau
Ms. Mary Fisher
Emme Sue and Jerome J. Frank
Jerome Leon Goodman
Mr. Murray G. Gurentz
Walter Hirsch
Dr. Gus Hoehn
S. Roger Horchow
Richard Swain Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Jacobus, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jericho
Jeanne R. Johnson
William Jolesch
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Kahn
Louise Kent Kane
Robert Fred Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Klepak
Marten F. Klop
Ben W. Kuhn
The Reverend Canon A. Harrison Lee III
Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. Longmire
Virginia Maxson
Dr. and Mrs. Hal W. Maxwell (Coral)
Mrs. Jules F. Mayer
John R. McNabb, M.D.
Mrs. Mary Melvin and Mr. Robert J. Melvin
Stewart A. Mercer
Wm. L. (Dub) Moore
Helen Morgan
Mrs. David C. Neale
Janet and Morris Newberger
Edna Oates
Agnes Cluthe Oliver
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. M. (Oz) Osborne
William R. Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Penson

Helen L. Poe
Hortense and Lawrence S. Pollock,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pollock
Masha Porte
James S. Raber
B. Truman Ratliff
Emery and Wendy Reves
Frank K. Ribelin
Dawna Richter
Michael L. Rosenberg
Katherine N. and Joseph Sanders
Eric G. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Seay, Sr.
Howard A. Sobel and Gerry Sobel
William A. Solemene
Freda Gail Stern
Eleanor P. Stevens
Brenda J. Stubel
Francine Sullivan
Mrs. Lois Thomsen
Mr. Ernest G. Wadel and Mrs. Irene H. Wadel
Desmond Wilcox and G. Brents Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Williams
Mr. and Mrs. John Page Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Winspear
Hazel Young

Meet the Foundation board

The Foundation board is composed of volunteers with a combination of financial and investment knowledge, as well as an interest in and knowledge about the Dallas Symphony.  All board members are devoted to the long-term, financial sustainability of the DSO and the responsible management of the endowment funds.

For more information on legacy giving

Toni Miller, CAP®, Senior Manager of Endowment and Planned Giving, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Contact Toni Miller, CAP®, Managing Director of Development, at 214.871.4078 or t.miller@dalsym.com.

Toni Miller, CAP®, Senior Manager of Endowment and Planned Giving, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
DSO Young Strings Lobby Performance

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