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Thank you for supporting the DSO! Please enjoy a pair of complimentary tickets to each of the following concerts. Tickets can be redeemed by using the promo code found on the back of your digital membership card.

Elgar Cello Concerto | Jan 4-7

A concert of differing moods from composers writing nearly a century apart. Elgar’s introspective Concerto reflects with intensity his despair about the world after the Great War that destroyed millions of lives. You’ll hear echoes of Bach, a sublime Adagio, and a finale conveying profound emotions. Beethoven, feeling nearly rambunctious in his sun infused Fourth Symphony, sends you home on an uplifting note.

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Chopin & Shostakovich | March 7-10

After Stalin died, Shostakovich, having suffered under the repressive Soviet regime, unleashed his fury
against the dictator in his Tenth Symphony — a titanic struggle pounded out in a code of savage pitches equivalent to his initials D-S-C-H (in German musical notation) — crushing the tyrant in the triumphant finale. Raising the curtain is Chopin’s rhapsodic Concerto No. 1, full of poetry and passion.

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