CancerBlows Dallas

March 9, 2023

March 09, 2023

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Special benefit concert event, CancerBlows returns to Dallas in March 2023 featuring legendary brass performers including 10-Time GRAMMY winner Arturo Sandoval, world-renowned brass quintet Canadian Brass, jazz trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, Hollywood movie trumpeter Wayne Bergeron (West Side Story, The Incredibles, La La Land), former Canadian Brass member Jens Lindemann, and many more appearing with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and UNT’s One O’Clock Lab Band – all performing together to raise money for cancer research. 

In November 2012, Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal trumpet, Ryan Anthony had just completed a guest appearance with his old group, Canadian Brass and wasn’t feeling well.  After the concert, Ryan said he felt like his entire body was “jangling” as he ran off-stage. 

Recent chronic aches & pains had sent the then 43-yr old to multiple doctors searching for the cause. The Monday after the concert, Ryan & his wife, Niki got the call that no one is prepared for – especially with two young children in elementary school – Ryan had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow that most often appears in patients 65 and older. 

Just 15 years ago, multiple myeloma was a death sentence with a life span of 3-5 years. While the cancer is still considered incurable and terminal, recent, rapid advances in research have greatly extended the life span of newly diagnosed patients and hope for a cure is a real possibility.  

During his stem cell transplant, Ryan was overwhelmed with phone calls from trumpet players all over the world. Each one asked what they could do to help, and Ryan jokingly started saying “we’ll all play a concert when I am healthy again and we’ll call it cancer blows”. As the weeks went by, the joke solidified into a real event with an impressive guest list. Soon Ryan & Niki realized it could be more than just something for fun but could be used to raise awareness and money to further the research that helped give their family a future. 

CancerBlows was meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime event in 2015 bringing together legendary trumpet players like Doc Severinsen from The Tonight Show, Lee Loughnane from Chicago, Arturo Sandoval and more for one night in Dallas’ Meyerson Symphony Center. However, the concert was so well received additional CancerBlows concerts have been held in San Antonio, Cleveland, Memphis and Dallas again. 

When he was diagnosed, Ryan’s hope was to survive long enough to see his children, then just 6 and 11-years-old, graduate from high school. Unfortunately, Ryan was not able to make that goal, passing away in June of 2020, just three days before their oldest child graduated. But his tenacity created The Ryan Anthony Foundation, and his spirit lives on within it. Now Niki and the CancerBlows team are eager to get back to the mission and the music in his memory. 

Through exciting & unique musical events featuring the talents of brass musicians worldwide, The Ryan Anthony Foundation and CancerBlows raise awareness and money for cancer research and patient support programs with a focus on blood cancers & multiple myeloma.