Bryan Rivi-Howell

Zerbina Imports

Following a 25-year career in commercial printing as an owner/broker, Bryan decided to follow in the footsteps of his Italian ancestors. The Rivi family has been producing wine on the family property near Zerbina (now Valmozzola) Italy for over 200 years and continue to do so even today.

While the family wine(s) aren’t commercially viable, the passion surrounding wine runs deep, and provided the impetus to become an Importer/Distributor here in Texas.

As an Italian citizen, Bryan was able to forge relationships with small, family-owned estate wineries throughout Italy. Today, the wines that Zerbina imports represent some of the best little-known jewels of the Italian winemaking world.

Bryan specifically seeks out growers/winemakers who observe bio-dynamic practices. They use no herbicides or pesticides in the vineyards, and produce their wines using traditional practices and methods.

To compliment our Italian wine line-up, Bryan has sought out and brought on-board a French winemaker from Burgundy, as well as four producers from California.

Bryan’s ambition is not so much to offer everything to everyone, but to select a wide range of quality wines that offer exceptional value-for-taste.

Bryan has lived in North Texas since 1985, and the Oak Cliff portion of Dallas since 1993. He has served on a series of neighborhood-oriented boards and associations, as well as having rehabilitated numerous homes in Oak Cliff.