Meet the people who work behind the scenes of the symphony. From the President’s Office to the Guest Services Center, we pride ourselves on helping the DSO maintain the highest standards of excellence.

Executive Office

KIM NOLTEMY, Ross Perot President & CEO
p: 214.871.4530

NISHI BADHWAR, Manager of Orchestra Personnel
p: 214.871.4061

QUIN PHILLIPS, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO
p: 214.871.4013

Artistic Operations

KATIE MCGUINNESS,  Wildenthal Families Vice President of Artistic Operations
p: 214.871.4048

ASHLEY ALARCON, Teaching Artist Coordinator
p: 214.871.4544

TOM BREKHUS, Senior Production & Pops Concerts Manager
p: 214.871.4018

ALAN BELL, Assistant Stage Manager
p: 214.871.4526

MELANIE GILMORE, Chorus Librarian
p: 214.871.4076

p: 214.871.4526

ROBERT GREER, Assistant Librarian
p: 214.871.4073

JENNIFER GUZMAN, Thomas and Roberta Corbett Director of Education
p: 214.871.4019

SARAH HATLER, Education Coordinator
p: 214.871.4006

CAROLYN JABR, Young Strings Manager
p: 214.871.4083

TODD JOINER, Senior Manager of Artistic Administration
p: 214.871.4566

NATHAN LUTZ, Director of Operations and Education Programs
p: 214.871.4020

MICHAEL LYSINGER, Chorus Administrator
p: 214.871.4084

KAREN SCHNACKENBERG, Jessie D. & E. B. Godsey Principal Librarian
p: 214.871.4069

BEN SPAGNUOLO,  Artistic Operations Coordinator
p: 214.871.4029

SCOTT WALZEL, Consultant for Orchestra Community Development & Outreach
p: 214.871.4009

MARK WILSON, Associate Orchestra Librarian
p: 214.871.4074

KENNETH WINSTON, Lighting Technician
p: 214.871.4526

ROBERTO ZAMBRANO, Artistic Director of Young Musicians Program
p: 214.871.4088


JAMES LEFFLER, Vice President of Development
p: 214.871.4515

TAB BOYLES, Director of Event Planning
p: 214.871.4045

JON EDIGER, Corporate Relations Coordinator
p: 214.871.4027

TANNER GARRETT, Manager of Individual Giving
p: 214.871.4080

LILIAN E. GODSEY, Manager of Donor Stewardship
p: 214.871.4042

KIM KOENIG, Events Coordinator
p: 214.871.4090

WHITNEY MACDONALD, Major Gifts Officer
p: 214.871.4047

TONI MILLER, CAP®, Director of Individual Giving
p: 214.871.4078

ALMA ROUSE, CAPM®, Director of Development Operations
p: 214.871.4043

ALEX SMALL, Individual Giving Coordinator
p: 214.871.4077

ALISA STONE, Development Operations Coordinator
p: 214.871.4007

MARK VALENZUELA, Development and Board Coordinator
p: 214.871.4529

SARAH WHITLING, Director of Institutional Giving 
p: 214.871.4062

Sales and Marketing

KIM BURGAN, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
p: 214.871.4060

LIZBETH AKOP, Group Sales Representative
p: 214.981.2973

KATHRYN BARRETT, Symphony Store Manager
p: 214.871.4066

ERIC BURLESON, Concert Associate
p: 214.981.2929

ELISA CAMPOS, Ticketing Operations Manager
p: 214.849.4376 

MALLORY COULTER, Director of Digital Marketing
p: 214.871.4034

CARLA EWING, Guest Services Coordinator
p: 214.981.2934

LEIGH HOPKINS, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
p: 214.871.4010

ERIC LANDRUM, Senior Manager of Partner and Experiential Marketing
p: 214.871.4065

SARA LOVAS, Senior Graphic Designer
p: 214.871.4046

ALEX MOFFITT, Guest Services Coordinator
p: 214.981.2925

VANNESA NATES, Marketing Associate
p: 214.871.4082

DANIELLE REEVES, Graphic Designer
p: 214.871.4054

SABRINA SIGGERS, Group Sales Representative
p: 214.981.2974

JENA TUNNELL, Director of Ticketing and Guest Services
p: 214.871.4025

ADAM WALLMAN, Manager of Marketing Research & Analytics
p: 214.871.4075

STEPHANIE WATSON, Guest Services Coordinator
p: 214.849.4376


DENISE MCGOVERN, Vice President of Communications & Media
p: 214.871.4024

SIDNEY HOPKINS, Communications & Media Manager
p: 214.871.4063

ANALIESE WHITE, Communications & Media Coordinator
p: 214.871.4081

Community Relations, Meyerson Facilities & Human Resources 

DEBI PEÑA, Vice President of Community Relations, Facilities and HR
p: 214.871.4089

CELIA BARSHOP, Director, Sales & Operations
p: 214.871.4041

DAVID LANE, Director of IT
p: 214.871.4023

CARL BAINES, Desktop/Systems Administrator
p: 214.871.4026

VELYNCIA CALDWELL, Sr. Lighting Technician
p: 214.871.4071

AMANDA COOK, Payroll & Human Resources Manager
p: 214.871.4021

CAMERON CONYER, Audio/Video Specialist
p: 214.871.4531

SURÉ ELOFF, Human Resources & Community Liaison
p: 214.871.4057

KIMBERLY KONIECKI, Sr. Manager, Sales and Operations
p: 214.871.4058

LAMAR LIVINGSTON, Technical Director
p: 214.871.4059

SHAWN MAHAN, House Manager
p: 214.871.4085

KYRA MCGUIRK, Human Resources & Facilities Coordinator
p: 214.871.4050

p: 214.871.4093

JAMES NUGENT, III, Office Services Coordinator
p: 214.871.4087

ANDREW POLANSKY, Lighting Technician
p: 214.871.4012

ROBERT PROCTOR, Sr. Manager of Security 
p: 214.871.4055

JUDITH WASHINGTON, Data Quality Associate
p: 214.871.4040

ADRIAN ZEIGLER, Security Manager
p: 214.871.4053

Finance & Administration

DREW CAMERON, Chief Financial Officer
p: 214.871.4008

JULIE RIBECA, Accounting Coordinator
p: 214.871.4015

CAROL SCHMUCKER, Staff Accountant
p: 214.871.4022

p: 214.871.4014

DANESHA VOSS, Senior Staff Accountant
p: 214.871.4064

HEATHER YEAGER, Senior Manager of Budgeting & Financial Analysis
p: 214.871.4030

Volunteer Services

ALLISON BRODNAX, Director of Volunteer Services
p: 214.871.4004

MALISKA HABA, Manager of Volunteer Services
p: 214.871.4005