Andy Pham

Pastry Chef

Andy is a 24-year-old Dallas area native, who took his passion for French pastry and European desserts and turned it into an entrepreneurial venture bringing modern, upscale desserts to Dallas.

From a young age Andy was drawn towards the kitchen. Coming from a family where food was at the forefront of family dynamics, Andy was drawn towards desserts.

Both sides of Andy’s family are from Southwestern Vietnam, and worked closely with the French, managing land and often being a bridge between locals and foreigners. Thus, French cuisine and culture were something that were present in his life. He picked up a small amount of French from his family growing up, and has continually worked at learning to speak more and more.

At 8 years old Andy asked for a Kitchen aid mixer from Santa. He did not receive one until 11 years old, after asking for a Kitchen aid mixer for multiple years.

Freshman year in high school, Andy had a burning desire to attempt the French Macaron. After failing horribly at his first attempt, he was adamant on not giving up, and continued to persevere until succeeding. Friends started asking for Macaron for birthdays and events. One day, annoyed, Andy’s Mother told him to quit making Macaron or start selling them. This was just a way of her meaning for Andy to stop making a mess in her kitchen. Andy took this seriously and Andy’s Macarons was born. This venture led to experiences at events like weddings and pop-ups at Farmer’s Markets.

Andy attended The University of Texas at Dallas from 2017 – 2020 and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance.

Deep down, Andy knew he would eventually open a pâtisserie. He never expected as soon as he did. His Mother, Dora, who is an extremely courageous and supportive mom, pushed him to make his dream a reality. She told him “if you’re going to do it later, might as well do it now while you’re young and full of energy.”

He is striving to make his dream – Le Rêve Gelato & Pâtisserie – the sweetest “rêve” or “dream” that anyone will have when they visit. He aims to take quality ingredients and turn them into innovative desserts that are beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, and unique to experience.