Lance Lipinsky


Lance Lipinsky not only admits but is proud when saying he’s
“not doing anything new.” The simplicity of 2 and a half minute
pop songs drenched in cold reverb with baritone guitar and lightning struck piano swells is a sound Lipinsky wants to make sure survives after it’s original 60 year old conception.

This back to basics sound returns and is indeed alive and well with his band the Lovers in their much anticipated and long awaited debut album “Roll,” revisiting the fine line between danger, innocence, and romance that defined the Atomic age of mid century American music.

Most of the tracks on Roll were cut at the historic Sun Records in Memphis using all the original analog tape machines, microphones and vintage equipment on the recordings.

With driving Jerry Lee Lewis piano rhythms and Presley inspired swagger in his own persona, Lance Lipinsky preserves the timeless tradition of the 1950’s & 60’s subculture in not only in his songwriting, but also as a show stopping live entertainer.

As a new sound emerged in the mid 1950’s, flocks of guitar marketed themed singers dominated the scene. In this new arena called Rock & Roll, only a hand few of front men in mainstream pop music history stood behind a piano.

Not much has changed generations later as Lipinsky himself is a descendant of this rare breed of piano based entertainers, tickling the ivories of his heroes before him like Charlie Rich, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Floyd Cramer and more.