Albion Josiah


Blessed with a vocal gift that awakens the ears of his listeners to the message of song, Albion Josiah captures the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.  The Midwest native has been deemed a vocal prodigy among many.  His musical inclination is inherited from a family line rich with musical gifts and talents of vocalists, musicians, and musical directors.  His direct musical inspirations began with his mother, Sherri L. Lewis, and his grandmother, Dr. Juanita Evans.

His enjoyment of performance was realized at an early age when he was selected for the opportunity to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson when he visited the Gary Indiana Railcats Stadium.  During that program, his music teacher took notice of his talent, and encouraged him to audition for the Emerson School of Visual and Performing Arts, in Gary, IN.  Upon his first audition, he was accepted for enrollment, where he remained, until graduating high school.  His high school instructor, Marion Lynn Boynes, became his private vocal coach.  Through her strict tutelage, discipline, persistence, and shared musical passion, Albion Josiah was developed as a classical vocalist, catapulting him to extraordinary heights of vocal ability.  He was then accepted into Wiley College, in Wiley, TX, as a recipient of their full Choral Scholarship.  He gained experience and exposure as one of the youngest students selected for solo performances and major leads.

In 2018, he founded Musaic, a non–profit organization developed to expose and educate low income and minority communities in formal and classical performance and visual arts.  Through Musaic, he and his team share their artistic passions, enlightening future vocalists, musicians, dancers, and actors, creating the framework to cultivate and influence their futures in the arts.

Albion has been featured at celebrity charity events and across national and international tours, most notably classical training and performance tours of Italy in Rome, Pisa, Viarregio, and Vienna, and of Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan.  He has shared the stage with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Smokie Robinson, Sounds of Blackness, Rita Coolidge, Kim Burrell, and Bebe Winans.  He performed before a private audience of King Shotobi and the Royal Family of Ikorodu, Nigeria; after which, the King granted him an open invitation to the Palace.  His shows have been attended by Myrlie Evers, Jesse Jackson, Roland Martin, Maria and Anthony Shriver, Oprah Winfrey, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and several others.  He has performed on several occasions at the White House during the Obama Administration, and most recently, on the Emmy Award Winning, 39th Annual Black Music & Civil Rights Movement Concert, aired on CBS national television network.  His voice can be heard on the soundtracks of feature films, Birth of a Nation, and The Lost Song.  As well, he has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in April 2023.

Albion Josiah’s commitment to his musical work is fed by his passion for spiritual and emotional uplift, cultural awareness, and entertainment across social, political, and ideological boundaries.