Hearing Assistance

Patrons of the DSO can experience the superior quality of the Hear Us Now (™) enhanced listening system. The infrared listening device is a complimentary headset for the hearing impaired.  Infrared headsets may not be used in conjunction with a traditional hearing aid, but can be used with a hearing aid equipped with a T-Switch.

Microphones located in the concert hall pick up the signal from the infrared device, which is fed to signal processing units and then to an infrared control transmitter. This transmitter takes the processed audio signal and modulates it into a carrier wave, amplifies it and sends it on to the 10 array emitters located in the concert hall. These emitters convert the subcarrier signal into harmless invisible infrared light, which is radiated throughout the concert hall seating areas where hearing-impaired listeners may wear the infrared headphone receiver to hear the program.

The Hear Us Now (™) systems are available in the main lobby.   A major credit card or driver’s license is required as a deposit on the headsets.