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Patrons of the DSO can experience the superior quality of our new Hear Us Now® enhanced listening system.

This radio frequency (RF) listening device includes complimentary receivers and headsets. Patrons without hearing aids may use our headsets. Patrons with hearing aids may try our headsets in place of their hearing aids or in addition to their hearing aid. Accommodations are also available for patrons with T-Loop or streamer enabled hearing aids.

Microphones located in the concert hall pick up the sound from the stage, and the audio is fed to special Hear Us Now processing units and then broadcast throughout the entire concert hall seating area where listeners may enjoy the Hear Us Now receivers and headsets to hear the program.

The Hear Us Now® system is available in the main lobby.

David & Jean Neisius

Subscribers since 1990

“I began noticing my hearing loss 20 years ago, and it increased over time,” shares David. “I now have 80% loss in one ear and 70% in the other. I’m dependent on hearing aids. One of the challenges that few people talk about with hearing loss is that you begin withdrawing when you can’t participate in activities you used to enjoy.”

“During the COVID quarantine, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra televised some of its performances. This allowed me to listen with the features of my device. I was able to hear and appreciate the interplay of the instruments for the symphonic piece. It made me explore what options the symphony had, hoping there was something new. This is how I learned about the Hear Us Now™ system.”

“When Bradley Hunter Welsh had his organ concert on a Sunday afternoon, I could understand every word he said about the piece and the organ. Mussorgsky’s Fotos en una exposición had so many plays between individual instruments. It was 3-dimensional. The sound was so rich, it was like heaven.”