Johan Wagenaar

Born in Utrecht, Netherlands on November 1, 1862
Died in The Hague, Neitherlands on June 17, 1941




Romantic 1820-1910


Cyrano de Bergerac, Saul en David

Johan Wagenaar


Johan Wagenaar was a Dutch composer and teacher who was also a talented organist. He studied pianoorgan, and composition in both the Netherlands and in Berlin, Germany before returning to his hometown of Utrecht to teach in the school of music and play organ for the cathedral. Though he is famous for his works written for orchestra, he was also a choral director in Utrecht and Arnhem and composed many pieces for voice. After teaching in Utrecht for 32 years, Wagenaar accepted a position as Director of the Conservatory of The Hague (also in the Netherlands).

Wagenaar was a very dedicated teacher. One of his students was his son, Bernard, who continued composing, conducting, and teaching music in America. Bernard played violin in the New York Philharmonic and taught composition classes at Julliard.

Some of Wagenaar’s greatest influence were earlier Romantic composers like Brahms and Berlioz.