Cultivated in diverse backgrounds and raised in the church with his mother as head of the choir, Jacoby “Brik.Liam” Williams was exposed to different genres of music that influenced his current sound. Brik.Liam was born in Petersburg, Virginia and reared in Germany & Houston, TX. His frequent relocation is a result of his military family upbringing. His early introduction to music helped shape his outlook on music and creativity. Now as an artist, Brik.Liam is in a league of his own, fusing classic soul vibes like the sound of Marvin Gaye with the urban contemporary music fans are accustomed to today.

The stage name Brik.Liam is a two-part compilation: “Brik”– a synonym search of his favorite color red and “Liam”– an abbreviation of his last name. Brik.Liam also has a signature image of a floating, red balloon that helps fans to identify his work in any setting. Brik’s perspective on artistry and his contribution to the music industry today can be described as poetic and unconventional which adds to his unique appeal.

Brik.Liam’s career has evolved to greater success in recent years. He released albums, has performed with some of the industry’s brightest talent, and has showcased his music across the globe. Brik has performed in places like London and The Republic of Congo. Notably, Brik has toured the United States as an opening performer for Grammy winning artist PJ Morton during the 2018 More Gumbo Tour and the 2019 Paul Tour. Since then, Brik.Liam also completed a solo tour in Russia and released his EP What’s The Matter, Brik.

“My goal in creating music and art is to make people feel understood, heard, and to make better choices and find happiness because of the telling of my story. I want to grow their minds and imagination, little by little.”