Ashley Jayy


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Ashley Jayy was multitalented & artistic at a very young age. Singing became a key part of her life when Ashley began singing solos & leading choir songs in her local church and choirs around town. Ashley’s musical ear began to develop rapidly as she was able to listen to music and not only single out the notes or tunes she would hear, but she was able to retain them & interpret them in her own unique way. This only enhanced her already impeccable musicality & unique ability to interpret music of all styles. She began to write her own songs and create & arrange unique harmonies. Her creativity began to grow as she was blossoming and coming into her own. She started her musical journey singing with such great artists as Liv Warfield & Mike Philips. These ventures led her to the late and great PRINCE, whom she soon began touring with shortly after he was introduced to her singular vocal talent. Ashely became a member of the New Power Generation and now sings regularly with Tevin Campbell, Monica, and Jazmine Sullivan. Ashley is spreading her wings and soaring as she embarks on her solo vocal journey becoming the Ashley Jayy.