The Kim Noltemy Young Musicians Program, established in 2019, is a free music education program for all students in grades 1-10 in southern Dallas and beyond. As arts advocates, we understand the social responsibility we have in providing equitable opportunities for all regardless of social or financial position. Therefore, students enrolled in this program receive free loaned instruments and free high-quality music instruction.

The structure of Young Musicians is inspired by El Sistema Youth and Children’s Orchestras of Venezuela, founded by Maestro José Antonio Abreu in 1975. El Sistema uses a rigorous orchestral education to shape the character and social development of young people while expecting high musical outcomes. A unique aspect of El Sistema philosophy is that different ages and ability levels work together simultaneously which leads to peer-to-peer learning and mentorship. By participating in our program, students develop sensitivity, love of work, and begin to understand the importance of individual and collective efforts to achieve excellence.

The goal of Young Musicians is for all participants to have an enriching, joyful, and life-fulfilling experience that leaves a lasting mark and enhances each child’s ability to succeed as a student, musician, and citizen. To this extent, El Sistema principles allow us to nurture artistic excellence, diligence, cooperation, community and parent involvement, and an optimistic vision for the future. Our program empowers our youth to understand their own inherent value while bringing the individual, family, and community together through the beauty and power of music.

To this end, Young Musicians provides:

  • Instruments and training on all orchestral instruments for students in grades 1 – 10
  • Opportunities for social and emotional learning
  • Performance opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Mentorship with caring adults and professionals every step of the way