Jean Langlais

Born February 15, 1907 in La Fontelle, France
Died May 8, 1991 in Paris, France




Modern 1920-Present


Messe Solenelle, Mouvement perpƩtuel for piano, and Hommage a Frescobaldi

Jean Langlais


French composer and organist, Jean Langlais, was born into a simple country family who made their home in La Fontelle, France. At the young age of 2, Jean lost his eyesight and was sent to study at the National Institute for the Young Blind.

It was there that Jean began to study the organ and his musical talents were discovered and recognized! Encouraged by his teachers to study music, Jean went on to attend the Paris Conservatoire and won many prizes for his organ performances and improvisations.

After graduation, Jean returned to the National Institute for the Young Blind to teach music to both French and foreign students for 40 years. After teaching 40 years, Jean toured Europe and the USA, giving over 300 concerts, recitals, and master classes! In 1945, Jean accepted the organist position at the Basilica of Sainte Clotilde in Paris. Jean remained in this position until 1987, retiring from the Basilica at the age of 80.

Jean composed over 254 works. He is best known for his works for organ and sacred choral music. He also wrote pieces for other instruments and small chamber ensembles.

Jean Langlais died in Paris, France at the age of 84 on May 8, 1991. He would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2007!