Gustav Mahler

Born July 7, 1860 in Kalischt, Bohemia
Died May 18, 1911 in Vienna, Austria




Romantic 1820-1910


Symphonies 1 through 10, Kindertotenlieder

Gustav Mahler


Sometimes a person whose life seems very sad accomplishes great things. This was the case with Gustav Mahler. Mahler grew up in Bohemia, which is now the Czech Republic. His childhood was often unhappy because his parents quarreled and because when he was fourteen his favorite brother, who was only a year younger than him, died. In school, he was often in trouble for daydreaming. As an adult, he had an unhappy marriage, his health was not good, and his favorite daughter died when she was very young. In spite of or, perhaps, because of these problems, Mahler became a great conductor and composed dramatic music which is loved and played all over the world. His compositions include 10 symphonies and many songs written for singer and orchestra.