Anatol Liadov

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1855
Died in Novgorod, Russia, 1914




Romantic 1820-1910


Baba Yaga

Anatol Liadov


Liadov was born into a highly musical family and had the opportunity to study music with his father from an early age. While still very young, he was accepted into Rimsky-Korsakov‘s composition class at the St. Petersburg conservatory and was so successful in the class that he was appointed to the teaching staff of the conservatory after completing the course. Liadov was also appointed to a commission set up by the “Imperial Geographical Society” in Russia to research the folk songs of various regions. He was known for composing slowly and carefully, teaching classes as well as dedicating himself to his composition efforts. It is said that Liadov became frustrated toward the end of his life because he was not receiving the same amount of recognition that many of his musical peers were receiving. These feelings affected his confidence in his skills, leaving him unhappy about his compositions.