Mark Wilson

Associate Principal Librarian

Mark Wilson has served as Associate Librarian for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra since 1992. He received a bachelor’s degree in music from Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio. Before joining the DSO, he managed the rental library for music publisher Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. in New York¬†and played bass with the Massapequa Philharmonic. ¬†In addition to his DSO Library duties,¬†Mark continues to play bass in several church orchestras¬†around DFW.¬†¬†He has also worked as a piano accompanist for¬†Dallas-area student¬†musicians during their Solo and Ensemble contests¬†since his daughter¬†Emma, now a graduate of the University of Arkansas, began playing the oboe in middle school. Mark enjoys volunteering at Texas Ale Project in Dallas and is an avid reader.