Custom Packages

Choose a package based on your style, schedule and budget! To create your own unique experience simply choose a minimum of four concerts from our 2024/25 season to get started. Need a suggestion? Browse through one of our carefully crafted collections below.

Create Your Own

Save 15% off of the current ticket price and enjoy exclusive Create Your Own Subscriber benefits like free ticket exchanges within your concert weekend. Explore the Season

Ring Cycle Bundle

Hear the power of more than 100 orchestra musicians and singers on-stage as they perform the full cycle.

OCT. 13, 2024: Das Rheingold
OCT. 15, 2024: Die Walk√ľre
DEC. 11, 2024: Götterdämmerung
JAN. 23-26, 2025: Siegfried

Maestro’s Mixtape

Let the DSO be your guide to timeless melodies and unforgettable performances!

SEP. 20-22, 2024: Twist and Shout: The Music of the Beatles
OCT. 25-27, 2024: Go Now! The Music of the Moody Blues
DEC. 11, 2024: Kings ReJOYCE
JAN. 23-26, 2025: Sinfonía Fantástica

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