Celebrating Diversity Month

  1. Learn more about Celebrate Diversity Month aqu铆.
  2. Attend DSO鈥檚 first-ever Celebrate Diversity Night on Friday, April 19, from 6-7 pm. This special pre-concert event will celebrate the importance of diversity, inclusion, equity, and unity. Celebrate Diversity Night will feature many of our DSO community partners and friends who value inclusion and recognize the power of an organizational culture that respects, honors, and embraces people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. Celebrate Diversity Night will feature performances, light snacks, and drinks. This pre-concert event is free and open to the community, but you must RSVP to attend. RSVP aqu铆.
  3. Enjoy the DSO鈥檚 2nd Annual Rep Your Heritage Taste Fest. On Wednesday April 24, from 1-2 pm, the DSO staff will observe April as Celebrate Diversity Month by celebrating our unique heritages and learning about the heritage of our peers through our Rep Your Heritage Taste Fest. All staff members are invited to sign up to provide food items representing their heritage (i.e., snacks, cakes, finger foods, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.)
  4. Explore six ways to Celebrate Diversity Month
    1. Engage in Cultural Exchanges and Conversations: Cultural exchanges and open conversations are powerful tools for promoting diversity. Attending cultural events provides immersive experiences that celebrate diverse customs and traditions.
    2. Explore Multicultural Films, Literature, and Art: Diving into the rich world of multicultural films, literature, and art is another powerful way to celebrate diversity. These artistic forms offer unique insights into different cultures.
    3. Indulge in Cultural Cuisine and Music: Exploring diverse cuisines and music genres can be a fun and educational way to participate in Celebrate Diversity Month!
    4. Support and Promote Diversity in Business: Supporting businesses owned by individuals from diverse backgrounds is crucial for promoting economic equality and fostering an inclusive society. By choosing to support diverse businesses, you can contribute to economic empowerment for historically marginalized communities.
    5. Celebrate and Participate in Cultural Exhibits and Performances: Engaging in cultural art exhibits and performances, whether virtual or physical, fosters a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures by going beyond surface-level knowledge. In addition, these experiences encourage empathy and can break down cultural barriers.
    6. Volunteer and Support Nonprofit Organizations for Cultural Causes: Look to support nonprofits that work for cultural preservation and promotion. By volunteering or donating to a cultural nonprofit, you can support diverse cultural heritages and ensure they are celebrated and appreciated for generations to come.

DSO Celebrate Diversity Month Reflections

Ramiro Caballero

Individual Giving Coordinator, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Diversity enriches and uplifts our communities and workplaces by providing the opportunity for different perspectives by individuals with varying backgrounds and distinct experiences.

Avery Gauthier

Audio Technician,
La Orquesta Sinf贸nica de Dallas

How do you define diversity?

Diversity is a collective group of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life. Much like how an orchestra has different instruments with different timbres, octaves, dynamics, and melodic structures, we unite our unique traits to foster an inclusive environment that enhances our sense of community.

Lunden Henenden

Violin, Dallas Symphony
Cuerdas j贸venes

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

It鈥檚 important to celebrate diversity because you can celebrate and learn about different cultures and their lifestyles. We all live differently so it鈥檚 great for people to respect and appreciate heritage and traditions. It makes everybody in the world feel connected and valued as one.

Briana Weible

Marketing Project Coordinator and Copywriter, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Diversity is the presence of a variety of different backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. Embracing it promotes creativity, empathy and understanding. Diversity creates inclusion, equity, and opportunities for individuals to contribute their unique strengths and perspectives to their communities and organizations.

Dr. Michael Lindsey JD, PhD

Board of Governors,
La Asociaci贸n Sinf贸nica de Dallas

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

We are a smaller planet because of travel and technology, the celebration of differences lets us know about others in ways that are not always intuitive.

Keeon Guzman

Cello, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Embracing cultural diversity, specifically in American symphony orchestras, brings fresh perspectives and styles to performances, enriching the artistic landscape and fostering inclusivity within communities. It not only ensures representation but also promotes unity, empathy, and appreciation for the multitude of human experiences through music.

Morgan Lee

Bass, Dallas Symphony
Cuerdas j贸venes

How do you define diversity?

Diversity encompasses the multifaceted fabric of humanity, where each individual’s unique attributes enrich our collective narrative. It fosters inclusivity and equity, allowing opportunities to flourish beyond narrow confines. This harmonious convergence of differences creates a vibrant mosaic of cultures, ideas, and talents, embodying the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit. Celebrating diversity is a testament to our innate desire for positive change and growth, unlocking the full potential of humanity to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the tapestry of life.