Celebrate Diversity Month

Did you know that April is Celebrate Diversity Month? Celebrate Diversity Month was established in April 2004 to recognize the diversity surrounding us all. During this month, we take the opportunity to celebrate all dimensions of diversity, embrace the differences that make us unique, and appreciate the similarities that unite us. By respecting our differences and similarities, we can better understand one another and gain a greater appreciation for humankind.

Increase your cultural awareness and support the DSO’s Celebrate Diversity Month initiatives:

  • Learn more about Celebrate Diversity Month aquí. 
  • Descubra ways you can celebrate diversity aquí.
  • Celebrate with the Dallas Symphony Pride Community for a Friday Night Out pre-concert event and members of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, including the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, Turtle Creek Chorale, and more! The celebration takes place on Friday, April 14, at 6:30 pm in the Meyerson lobby.
  • Voluntario with our Dallas Symphony Women Community group and support the Genesis Women’s Shelter en Saturday, April 22, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Genesis’ mission is to provide safety, shelter and support for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact. The Genesis Thrift Store raises revenue for its initiatives and their clients are able to shop there at no cost. The DS Women Community volunteer group will help with tasks such as sorting clothes, working at the counter, and setting up displays. Sign up aquí.
  • Attend the free event hosted by our Dallas Symphony Mosaic Community event on April 25, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm – How’d I Get Here: Paths to Working in the Performing Arts. This engaging panel series celebrates diversity in the arts by highlighting and honoring members of the arts community who share their life and career experiences to encourage, inspire, and guide others on their journey. Panelists include:
    • Jennifer Perez – Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, AT&T Performing Arts Center
    • Katie McGuiness – Vice President of Artistic Operations, Dallas Symphony Association
    • Marcedes M. Fuller – Head of EDI and Organizational Culture & People Operations, Dallas Theater Center

This event will be moderated by our very own Carl L. Baines, Co-Chair of the Mosaic Community. It will be held in the Meyerson’s Opus restaurant area so feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy the conversation.

  • Enjoy the DSO’s first-ever Rep Your Heritage Taste Fest. On April 26, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, the DSO staff will observe April as Celebrate Diversity Month by celebrating our unique heritages and learning about the heritage of our peers through our Rep Your Heritage Taste Fest. All staff members are invited to sign up to provide food items that represent their heritage (i.e., snacks, cakes, finger foods, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.). Sign up aquí.
  • Join our newly formed Dallas Symphony Ability Community’s social impact initiative and volunteer to support Special Olympics Texas track athletes on April 29, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. Team DS Ability will be volunteering to assist in various tasks including, opening ceremony, timekeeping, scorekeeping, set up, tear down, and awards ceremony. Sign up aquí.

Celebrating Diversity Month

Yousef Assi

Third Horn, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra EDI Committee Member

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Music is language which fills the spaces words cannot reach, and it is always evolving. As with spoken word, our many musical languages can only be enriched and improved by broadening our spheres of influence. When we focus on diversifying not only our musical dialects but also the voices speaking them, we paint a more complete picture of a beautiful shared human experience. 

Debi Pena

Chief Administrative Office, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

How do you define diversity?

I define diversity as the celebration of ALL people. Celebrating diversity enhances everything we do by bringing different perspectives and cultural backgrounds to our workplace and our lives.

Jen Guzman

Jennifer Guzman

Director of Education, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Women Community

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

It’s important to celebrate diversity to counteract all the moments in our history when diversity has not been celebrated. By celebrating and acknowledging diversity, I like to think we are letting the pendulum swing in the other direction. Also, the well-being of our communities is directly related to the well-being of individuals, and I believe that we are each at our best when we experience belonging and are recognized, valued, accepted, and loved for who we are on the inside and out (by ourselves and by each other). Then we are each free to make our mark on our family, community, and the world. 

Sabrina Siggers

Guest Services Representative, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Ability Community

How do you define diversity?

Diversity to me is defined as the inclusion and involvement of a variety of people who “share” human differences regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, beliefs, or social background.  

Toni Miller, CAP®

Managing Director of Development, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Pride Community

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

It’s important to me to celebrate diversity because when we do, we take that next step that goes beyond simply acknowledging and accommodating to positively supporting and uplifting others in the spirit of belonging. When doing so, we exemplify our humanity at its highest level.

Liz Akop

Group Sales Representative, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Ability Community

How do you define diversity?

Diversity refers to the differences and variations that exist among individuals, groups and communities. These differences can include race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or socio-economic status. When I think of diversity I think of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that shape who they are and the world around them.

Quincy Roberts

Board of Governors, Dallas Symphony Association

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Celebrating diversity brings awareness to the differentiators in groups of people, that awareness fosters growth, appreciation and understanding that ultimately unites us as a single race of people.

Vannesa Nates

Marketing Associate, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Mosaic Community

How do you define diversity?

Diversity is all of us — it’s embracing and celebrating our unique differences. From the visible characteristics like the color of our eyes— to our unique backgrounds and individual experiences that can’t be readily seen, diversity is about bringing people together.

Danielle Reeves

Lead Graphic Designer, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Co-Chair, Dallas Symphony Women Community

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

Celebrating diversity is important so we can better understand and champion our differences. Finding ways to learn and involve yourself in other communities is a vital part of breaking down barriers. Beautiful things happen when our different cultures and lived experiences are shared.