In 1992, Congress officially designated the month of May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI). During this month, we celebrate the rich cultures and traditions of the AAPI community and pay homage to their significant contributions to American history, society and culture. The theme for AAPI Month 2023 is “Advancing Leaders Through Opportunity.” In accordance with this theme, the DSO stands firm in its commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through inspired programming that gives voice and space to AAPI creatives representing various facets of the artistic landscape, including singers, musicians, conductors and composers.

Increase your cultural awareness by learning more about Asian American and Pacific Islander history, heritage and culture:

  • Read more about AAPI Heritage Month here.
  • Explore exhibits highlighting AAPI life, history, and culture here.
  • Learn more about Asian American social justice efforts in the United States here.

Check out these suggestions for ways you can celebrate AAPI Heritage Month:

  • Celebrate AAPI Art by taking some time celebrate Asian Art and Artists. You can visit your local museum or art gallery, or look online to find virtual museums or exhibitions of Asian art.
  • Support AAPI Charities or Causes during AAPI Heritage Month. This can include donating money or time to organizations that support AAPI individuals and communities.
  • Listen to Innovative Asian American Podcasts. This AAPI Heritage Month, listen to some innovative Asian American podcasts. There are many great podcasts out there that feature AAPI voices and stories. This is a great way to expand your knowledge about the AAPI community.
  • Learn to Cook a New Cuisine. One of the best ways to learn about a new culture is through its food. A great way to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month is by learning to cook a new cuisine. You can find recipes online or in cookbooks written by AAPI authors. If you have any AAPI friends or coworkers, ask them for their favorite recipes and cooking tips.


Celebrating AAPI Month

Nishi Badhwar

Manager of Orchestra Personnel Manager, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Why is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month important? 

AAPI month provides a wonderful opportunity to shine a spotlight on and celebrate the significant contributions of those in our AAPI community.

Dongni Xie

Operations Intern,
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Who is a notable figure, past or present, from the AAPI community that inspires you, and why?

I.M.Pei a Chinese American architect who also designed the Myerson Symphony Center. Pei’s work was characterized by a fusion of traditional architectural elements with modern design, and he often incorporated cultural and historical references into his designs.

Emily Master

Manager of Women in Classical Music Symposium,
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

What brings you joy about your heritage and culture as a member of the AAPI community?

For a long time, particularly when I was growing up, when people asked me where I was from, I did not know how to answer, mostly because it’s such a complicated answer. Today, I am proud of my heritage; it is part of what makes me who I am and not just what I look like to others. I am pleased to be able to share my family culture and appreciative for the spotlight during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Nicole Mendyka

Assistant Personnel Manager, Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Why is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month important

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is important because it provides an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, histories, and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the United States. Celebrating their heritage and achievements helps raise awareness of their important contributions, promote cultural understanding and respect, and inspire future generations to continue positively impacting society.